Don’t Miss the Boat! Now is the Ideal Time to Buy a Home……interest rates will rise, construction costs are increasing, and lot inventory is diminishing

According to national consultant John Burns, now is the absolute last best time to buy a new home before interest rates rise again and lot inventory is further depleted. Choice homesites are already hard to find. Builders are looking for lots, but the best lots are almost gone. Patriots Landing has several premier properties still available, but they wont last long. The community has already sold twice as many homes as last year. So dont miss the opportunity to get one of the last premier lots.Builders are having to raise their prices because of increased costs of labor and higher material costs. And when interest rates rise, your monthly payments increase, which could make your dream home become unaffordable. Already this year, the average payment on a new mortgage has increased by over $100 per month. So dont wait and take a chance on higher rates.This is a great weekend to visit Patriots Landing and see the most desirable features in new homes. You can tour them on your own and see the most innovative new features and styles.Our builders specialize in constructing your personalized dream home, with all your individual choices, right on budget. They have over 20 plans for you to choose from. And, while theyre building your home, youll have time to sell your current home.Visit Patriots Landing today; were open every day 12 to 5. We can help you build your dream home with ease.