11 Reasons to Buy a NEW Home (Instead of a Resale)

By:Franny Powell, Sr. Vice-president of East West CommunitiesBuild-new-home-EN-webIve been involved in the real estate business for 42 years, and I can say with confidence, that I LOVE new homes.. for lots of very good reasons. I have personally built 2 new homes, and each time it was a creative, joyful experience.Here are my 11 reasons why you should buy or build a NEW home instead of a used one.#1 – Builders Today Are Offering More Valueas1117prtlndg1_78Builders today have survived the longest and most painful recession the industry has ever experienced. In order to be a survivor, they have had to offer more creative value extras than ever before. Youll find top-of-the-line appliances with great features like refrigerators with coffee makes and tv screens in the doors, pot-filling water faucets over the stoves, recycle bins built in, air switches for the disposal, warming drawers, double ovens and microwaves built in, covered porches with fireplaces, Drop Zones, master bathrooms with separate tubs and showers, and high quality finishes everywhere.#2 – Energy EfficiencyHomes built today are highly energy-efficient and save their owners significant money in monthly costs. State-of-the-art materials and new innovations have raised the level of efficiency to a new level which has lowered heating and cooling bills dramatically. Windows, insulation, and siding are actually rated, so you know exactly what youre getting. Energy Star rated appliances and other “green features” are being incorporated for comfort and efficiency. Older homes, even just 5 years ago, cannot compete with todays advances.#3 – Everything is New So You Dont have to Budget for Unexpected Repairsas1148pcash_14RTEvery part of a home has a life-spanthe roof, siding, appliances, plumbing, wiring, garage doors, lighting fixtures, shower doors, siding, HVAC, windows, etc..the list is LONG..so you never know when something will need repair. A roof can be $20,000 or more. When you buy a used home, you have no way of knowing how well each item has been cared for, which affects how long it will last. You dont even know how old each item is in the home or when it was replaced. New homes have great warranties and you can feel comfortable that everything will work well for a LONG time. There is no mystery or guesswork. No staying home from work to wait for repairmen!#4 – The Floor Plans Mirror Todays LifestylesWhether you are an empty nester, young family, or newlywed couple, you have a lifestyle that you enjoy. Todays buyers want open floor plans where the kitchen is the heart of the home. Rooms open to each other and flow easily. Home offices are private. Outdoor entertaining with built-in grills (powered by with gas lines extended from the house), fireplaces, and fire-pits are popular. Mater baths are spacious with double sinks, tubs and showers, and private toilet rooms. Closets are generous. Storage is abundant. Rooms have a lot of light because windows are now efficient. People today live differently than they did 10 years ago, and it is actually hard to sell a home with a chopped upfloor plan. Resale homes dont offer these types of spaces and features.#5 – You Can Decorate and Personalize Your Home at No Extra Costas1156jesco_14When you build or buy a new home, you can choose the paint colors, granite countertops, bathroom fixtures, tiles, flooring, carpet color, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc. It doesnt cost a penny to have it your way and personalize your home to your unique style and taste. When you buy a resale home, you inherit other peoples dcor which is never exactly what you would choose. The carpets are old and have endured others accidents by pets, dirt, spillsthink toenails in the carpet..and you either have to replace everything or live with someone elses. Dont you want your home to be entirely YOURS?#6 – You Can Layout Your Home Exactly How You Like to LiveWith a new home, you can choose where youll plug in your phones at night.where the laundry room should be located..how private your office should be..first or second floor master.how much storage you needcook inside and/or outside.. an entertaining kitchen or efficient one. gourmet cook or take-outneed a workshopdog washing station.shelves for lots of books or walls for artwork? All these patterns and proclivities of our life are different for each buyer, so a new home enables you to capitalize on your unique interests and lifestyle habits, and build your home accordingly without wasted space. There are infinite choices which do not to cost anything extra!!#7 – Better Technology and Wiringas1225bbhspl_07New Homes are built with advanced wiring BEHIND the walls so your work areas do not look like a mass of cords and adapters. Home offices have built-in plugs inside cabinets for shredders and printers, as well as integrated computer screens and files. Abundant plugs are required by code for kitchen counters and everywhere in a new home. Bathroom plugs require Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) for safety. Nothing needs to be jerry-rigged to be functional. Neat and well-organized systems for alarms, temperature control monitoring, etc operate a new home at a level which a resale could never compete with.#8 – Builders Can Offer Great Financing Packages that Sellers of Resale Homes CannotBuilders have special arrangements with mortgage companies which offer their customers highly beneficial rates and closing costs. These services available to new home buyers make it incredibly easy and financially beneficial to purchase new. Buying a home is the biggest financial investment of your life, so take advantage of special financing opportunities to make your investment as profitable as possible.#9 – Yards Are Not Over-Grown and Do Not Need WorkYour yard will be professionally landscaped, often with new sod and irrigation, so you do not have to dig up old, overgrown plants, kill weeds, and reshape a yard that has been neglected. You can choose to have a lot of neat, mulched borders, a flower or vegetable garden, woods, no trees, patio or deck. You can create the yard that matches your interests and passions.#10 – Its YOUR Creation!as1223ccsnpl_026Imagine the pleasure you will feel every single day from living in a home that YOU created with all the finishes and details reflective of your taste and style. There will be no other house like yours, and you will feel pride and joy for years and years that you created your home sweet home. Its the biggest purchase of your life, so dont you want it to be entirely YOUR creation?#11 – Warranties will Protect You from Unexpected ExpensesNew homes have warranties and builders who will follow-up and fix anything that breaks prematurely. Your appliances, roof, siding, fixtures, heating and cooling systems, flooring, lighting, plumbing all have warranties to cover unexpected problems. Resale homes dont have warranties because everything is used and no one knows how well the home was cared forwere the filters cleaned, the HVAC serviced regularly, termite treatments annually, fireplace cleaned, alarm system inspected, etc? Many items in a home require conscientious care by the owner, and buyers of resale homes have no way of knowing the history of the house.If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing your own new home, pleasecontact us and let us know how we can help!