What Do Empty Nesters Want in a Community?

What are Empty Nesters & Retirees Looking for Today?  Today’s 50+ year olds are looking for a different lifestyle than their predecessors in the past 3 decades.  Golf and private clubs are declining, and instead, today’s Baby Boomers have had unique life experiences that have made them the generation that changed the world. They value natural surroundings, being inclusive, and diversity rather than classic retirement communities. They embrace individuality, cherish their music, friends, and a free-spirited way of life. Sometimes they challenge the establishment. This dramatic shift in priorities is evident in their choices of activities and communities in which they want to live.  Consider the following statistics from a survey this winter of 765 adults over age 50:  59% say wellness and fitness is very important;  66% want to spend their free time exercising;  70% want a large open kitchen.  Outdoor sporting activities in a group setting are trending, as are nature trails, cycling, kayaking, running groups, and stand-up paddle boarding. Personal health and wellness are now top priorities.  Active involvement in volunteer services, community projects, and charitable foundations offer personal gratification. Yoga, meditation, life-long learning, and organic foods are integral.  It’s no wonder that so many empty nesters have purchased new homes in Patriots Landing. The trails, lakes for kayaking and fishing, fitness center, clubhouse, yoga classes, lush environment, pool aerobics, and countless social activities offer year-round enrichment. Entertaining friends and family in open, bright floor plans with first-floor master suites makes life so easy and enjoyable.

Live Younger   Live Longer   Live Better  This is a generation focused in individuality and new priorities.

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