House Hunting: What You SHOULD Be Focusing On

There is a great article in The New York Times on the mistakes many people make in the process of finding their new home.  Most pertinent are the last paragraphs:

“The process of house hunting focuses your attention on the wrong things. It focuses your mind on the features of the house rather than on the features of your life. Think of all the people who fall for some expansive far-off home, without counting the cost of a long commute. They’ve got a happy home but a miserable existence.

It focuses on the features of the house, not on the social relationships that will happen in them, which is all you’ll remember decades hence. Choosing this or that house has only a moderate effect on joyfulness. The neighborhood you choose, and the social fabric you enter, is more important than the structure you adore.”

This concept has always been the “mission” of East West Communities through our 4 decades of building communities across the country.  Your lifelong memories, and those of your children, will be most impacted by the neighborhood you choose.