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7 Ways to Choose the Best Neighborhood for You

This is a great article from Caldwell Banker real estate! If you’re starting a family, you might want to consider a neighborhood known for its good schools. Or if your children have graduated, you might want to move to a “hipper” neighborhood. Perhaps your company has moved, and you want to be closer to work.... Continue Reading

There are endless debates on which style kitchen people like the most.  Choices vary dramatically. White offers a bright, clean look. Dark cabinets create a feeling of contemporary elegance. Medium-color wood cabinets provide a warm, cozy ambience. WHICH DO YOU LIKE BEST?  

What is Craftsman Architecture and Why Is It So Popular?

To understand American Craftsman-style architecture, you need to begin with the British Arts and Crafts movement that emerged in the mid-1800s. The movement was a rebellion against machine-made, mass-produced goods, and emphasized craftsmanship, creative expression, and the use of natural materials found locally. A Craftsman home is carefully constructed, open and uses space economically. The home’s simple, elegant design... Continue Reading

By:Franny Powell, Sr. Vice-president of East West CommunitiesIve been involved in the real estate business for 42 years, and I can say with confidence, that I LOVE new homes.. for lots of very good reasons. I have personally built 2 new homes, and each time it was a creative, joyful experience.Here are my 11 reasons... Continue Reading

Foreclosures in Richmond are down 50% this year from the same month a year ago. This compares to only 15% for the country overall. We are so lucky to live in such a healthy real estate market!

In the past 4 decades, there has not been a time when the 15-year mortgage rate dropped below 3%. This is indeed an incredible time to buy a new home!!